A primer on the Kinefinity Mavo Lenses

Want to know more about the Kinefinity Mavo/Nisi F3 prime lenses? I’ve spent hours sifting through forums and poring over frame grabs of test charts so you don’t have to.

Prior to NAB 2018 Kinefinity announced a lineup of five cine prime lenses with full-frame coverage. At the same time, Nisi, a company primarily known for filters, also announced a lineup of cine primes in the same focal lengths. Both Kinefinity and Nisi have since confirmed that, yes, the Mavo primes are the same optical formula as the Nisi F3’s with slight cosmetic changes to the industrial design.

Upon the announcement, more ambitious diggers such as AndrĂ© Wulf, Bob Gundu, and Mistral75 suspected that the Nisi Primes were actually rebranded versions of the Bokkelux cine primes that were announced at NAB 2016 (one lens) and 2017 (five lenses) and never made it to retail. Recently, Nisi has confirmed that the F3s are indeed “based on the original Bokkelux design.” After acquiring Bokkelux, Nisi set to improve the supply chain and “re-optimize some key elements,” including the “weight and caibre of the lenses.” [h/t 4k Shooters]

A test video on the Nisi website demonstrates the full set of lenses, but I think this unlisted video is more interesting. (

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