A primer on the Kinefinity Mavo Lenses

Want to know more about the Kinefinity Mavo/Nisi F3 prime lenses? I’ve spent hours sifting through forums and poring over frame grabs of test charts so you don’t have to. Prior to NAB 2018 Kinefinity announced a lineup of five cine prime lenses with full-frame coverage. At the same time, Nisi, a company primarily known for filters, also announced a lineup of cine primes in the same foc... »

Welcome to KineCommunity

Kinefinity cinema cameras have been gaining in recognition since the release of the KineRaw five years ago. While the color science has always been enviable, we’ve seen large leaps in both specifications and usability with each subsequent camera. With the release of the TERRA series and now the MAVO line Kinefinity is primed to make a huge impact in the English-speaking world. This website was fou... »

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