Compatible SSD's for Mavo

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    Lennart Mavo

    Hey Guys,

    has anybody had any experience with 3rd party SSD’s. I’m thinking about getting a couple of Samsung 860 SSD’s and I can’t seem to find anybody who tried to use the EVO Line of SSD’s and there is one Topic considering the 860 Pro, but they aren’t even sure if they fit in the Mavo. Which I don’t see why they wouldn’t.

    Any ideas?




    I’ve been using the Samsung 840 Evos on both Terra4k and now Mavo LF with no problems, so you should be good with the 860s. I have a couple KineMag +, too. Haven’t noticed a performance difference, but I wouldn’t be surprised if high-frame rate stuff is where you see that.



    Lennart Mavo

    Nice! Thanks a lot. I actually got my Samsung SSDs stuck a bit, because of the dustlid thingy, but a little Gaffer tape on the SSD fixes the problem(Y)



    I’m using the Samsung evo and pro versions of the 860 and filming 100fps on 4k wide and haven’t had any problem. Haven’t tried any CDNG so I can’t say how that works, will be testing that soon.


    Liam Leeson

    I just tested the Samsung 860 Pro on my Terra 4K using the cDNG 1/3 codec.

    Basically everything up to 4K 50fps was fine. Once my frame rate went higher than that, the recording would cut off after a few seconds. So I guess if you want to go to any higher frame rates than 4K 50p using cDNG 1/3 you’ll need to upgrade to KineMAG or something faster. Everything below seems fine so far.

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