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    William Westaway

    Newb alert. I just got my new MAVO LF out of the box and have spent the day testing codecs/frame sizes etc. All great so far.

    I want to ask a bit of a stupid question about downsampling. If I select S35 or M34 in the menu does that mean I’m not using the whole of the sensors potential?

    I read on the ProAV website that the MAVO LF does “glorious” downsampling of 3k (from 6k using the whole of the sensor) …. er, how do I do that? … Is it as simple as just putting it in FF mode and shooting a 3k frame size?

    My biggest fear is just shooting in S35 and feeling like I’m not getting the most out of the sensor.



    Hi William. Yes, you’ve got it correct. If you’re in FF mode it offers several resolutions from 6016×3172 all the way down to something in the 3k range. The 3k version is still using the full sensor but downsampling internally.

    If you set the camera to S35, MFT, or S16 modes, you’re windowing the sensor and not using its full size. Within those modes there are also various resolutions, some of which downsample the sensor as well. Using S35 mode, for instance, is good for when you have lenses that only cover an S35 sensor, etc. I’d really like to try some Super-16 PL glass as I’ve heard you can pick up affordable PL lenses that way. I’ve also used S35 mode on occasion for when its a difficult focus pull and FF would make it tougher on the AC.

    But, yes, I try to shoot the camera in FF mode whenever possible.


    William Westaway

    Great thanks Raafi!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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