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    Dave Draper

    I’ve recently tested both the TERRA 4K, as well as the MAVO 6K, and cannot decide between the two, or whether I should get something more well-known and standardised, such as an EVA1 (which I’ve also used and like) or a Canon C200.

    Never before has choosing a camera been such a hard decision — It has always been so clear cut!



    Hi Dave – it shouldn’t be easy. Cameras are expensive! I always joke that the Eva1 is everybody’s second-favorite camera but nobody’s first. That’s probably what’s making the decision so tough.


    Dave Draper

    Hi Raafi — I can’t even decide on my *first* favourite camera. EPIC came close. The dynamic range, the resolution, the sensor size. People said it was noisy. I didn’t find it noisy, even if I didn’t blackshade beforehand. But I did miss things like internal NDs (this was before they released their electronic ND mount).



    Dave, my last camera was the Canon C200. Great camera, but nothing really special. I wanted something different and more cinematic, so I chose the Terra 4K. Could probably write pros and cons all day on Canon products, as I’ve  practically owned every cinema camera in Canon’s lineup (C200, C300, 1DC, C100 and C100 MK II). All good cameras and all were solid tools. A camera is just that, a tool. Good storytelling is most important. Flip a coin to make your choice, just make sure that coin has a Kinefinity camera on each side!!!!



    Dave Draper

    The C200 has great autofocus, though, which is helpful for corporate style work, interviews, etc.

    Would I be correct in saying that most of our bread and butter comes from corporate work?

    How do the Kinefinity cameras hold up in a non-cinematic, more spontaneous environment?


    Ian Neisser

    If you really need the autofocus, it might be a problem. But if you’re doing interviews that are static and don’t have any complex moves, a good dp or camera operator can focus for events and shooting at conventions / B Roll sources.

    The shoulder mount is good, and I didn’t have much issue carrying it at a Comic Con.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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