Is the terra 4k right for me?


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    Jonathan Keane

    Hi Everyone,

    I’m new to this forum andΒ  I wanted to ask people have actually used the terra in the field a few questions.

    How run-n-gun is the terra? This is kinda vague question but I’m curious if people have used the terra for documentaries or weddings?

    How is it shooting outside the native iso? I live in NM and its sunshine 300 days out of the year. If I’m shooting at lower iso is there a lot of noise? Or should I stock up on nd’s and stay in the native iso?

    Workflow? Right now I’m shooting on an a7sii and sometimes its a real pita to get the picture to look good. Now I’m no pro at color correcting but is the terra pretty easy to correct or does it take some work?

    I haven’t ordered the terra yet but from everything I see online this camera is amazing! The size, the picture, frame rate, codec. The camera checks a lot of boxes for me I’m just worried with my lack of experience with cinema cameras I’m might struggle with some things.

    Thank you all!




    Hi @jonathan – welcome. The Terra can be used for run-and-gun and doc stuff. Here’s the teaser for a piece I shot with it back in the spring. (shot more over the summer and haven’t cut the final piece yet).

    It’s not as well setup for documentary stuff as, say, a Canon camera: it’s a box with a lens mount so you have to build your shoulder rig separately (or purchase theirs, which I did). Also, it doesn’t have manual audio knobs like some other cameras.

    The lower ISOs below 800 have less noise than the native but they may not have as much dynamic range. If you use NDs you’ll max out the DR, but you can go lower with no issues.


    Jonathan Keane

    Hey Raffi thank you for the feedback! That footage looks great!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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