ISO / Highlight Settings (Noise Levels) Mavo LF

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    Hi Guys,

    I did a similar exercise for the Terra a year ago so I decided to see how Mavo LF compared and it seems it follows similar pattern (Dual ISO) except one extra row. The blue shows where the ISO would have the lowest noise level at that HL setting. I’m assuming that comes with a price for example diminished DR? Yellow shows what I would guess to be the ISO setting with highest DR at that particular HL setting, interestingly enough at 4.3HL the yellow shade falls on ISOs 800 and 5120 respectively. Red is for where the noise is the highest, etcetera. Anyways, I am a Mechanical Engineer not an Electrical Engineer so if one of you guys with the right set of skills and the right equipment care to confirm or correct my findings that would be cool. Cheers!


    Here is the one I did for Terra 4K over a year ago…


    My guess is that Mavo LF dual 800/5120 ISO switches at 1600 (not at 2000). Whilst for the Terra 4K it switches at 1280 as advertised but then my guess it is dual 640/3200 ISO (not 800/3200 ISO). Cheers!



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