Kine OS 6.0 released


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    I sampled it a bit at NAB this year but it’s now available to the public. Great new layout and typography. Download the new OS here.



    Loving KineOS 6.0 so far!!! The 2K oversampling mode seems/feels cleaner in shadows. The noise is more “organically” distributed on the screen. One thing though, and it might just be me not knowing what I’m doing, but the high ISO flavours seem to be less “clean” having the right side of the sensor/screen with a slight purple haze. And honestly I don’t care as I never go above ISO3200 ever but just an interesting thing. The cDNG is awesome, just that grading it is not as “easy pissy” as the BMPCC’s DNG. But I’m sure once I get a hold of it then it will be just awesome! The cDNG noise is also organically spread and distributed across the screen (no fpn or weaird vertical annoying columns), also the noise is very resembling of film noise which I love! Waiting for sunlight to truly test cDNG and the new Oversampling 2K modes… Cheers!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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