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    In the product description page of the Kinefinity E mount adapter, they state that 3rd party adapters may not work.

    Does this mean I can’t put a Metabones adapter onto the Kinefinity E mount adapter to use my PL and Nikon lenses?



    Not sure – I know that the E mount is for manual lenses only. If a manual Nikon or PL mount manual lens already works on your metabones on a Sony camera I’d assume that it works on Kinefinity, but haven’t tried it myself. Anyone else tried this? I met a Terra 6k owner who had the E mount and an E mount electronic ND – EF adapter and that worked for him.



    Cool because I have Nikon and PL mount manual lenses and Metabones Speedbooster PL to E and Nikon to E so I figured I could just get my MAVO with the E to Kinemount adapter and I should be all good.

    I’m just wary of their 3rd party adapter warning but I could see how that would only apply to ones with electronic contacts.



    Re-reading Kinefinity’s warning leads me to believe that maybe Metabones E mount adapters may not work with their E mount adapter.

    Here’s their warning: “Notice: The third-party adapter may not work on SONY E mounting adapter to turn E mount to EF or PL mount; some modified E lenses also may not be used on the E mounting adapter of TERRA.”



    It can be more possible with adapters for Nikon as they usually have an aperture control ring. Adapters with Canon EF mount need electronics to control aperture settings – maybe that’s the hassle as the E-mount adapter probably doesn’t offer this feature (they wrote it doesn’t work with G-master lenses). Has anybody tried?

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