KineMON-5U Ultra-Bright Monitor vs Third-party

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    Hey just wanted to introduce myself to the community as it has been such a great resource in making my decision to move toward Kinefinity.

    I am a visual artist living in Melbourne, Australia, and work mostly with video and installation. I’ve always been interested more in higher-production values other than a ‘video-art’ aesthetic, which has led me up/down? the slippery slope of quality gear. I had been using a Canon C100 and souped-up A7Sii, which ended up a Fiesta in a Raptor body. Instead of getting a new C200, which was my first pick, I ended up going with a used Terra 4K. I love the form-factor, image-quality and functionality, and particularly like the ecosystem. Being able to upgrade components and maybe a body at some stage made a lot of sense after constantly re-rigging and updating a DSLR system as my needs grew.

    My question: the kit I purchased has a KineMON 5″ Full-HD Monitor, which seems to have lackluster performance, and my first upgrade will be a monitor. How has peoples experience of the KineMON-5U Ultra-Bright Monitor been in practice? I like the idea of keeping everything neatly powered/cabled through one system, but is it worth considering a SmallHD 502 or Atomos Shinobi for example? HDMI vs SDI connection?

    Apologies if I am duplicating posts, I could only find info on the KineMON 5″ Full-HD vs SmallHD 502, and thought it worth considering against the Ultra Bright.

    Thanks and looking forward to the forum in the future



    Hey Justin, welcome to the forum! [I’m in the middle of upgrading it, btw, and hope to relaunch it before the summer’s out on a different software]

    I don’t actually have good responses to your questions about the monitor, but just wanted to say hi. I do agree that it’s convenient to have the monitor signal and power in a single cable. I haven’t used the newer KineMon so can’t comment on it. As far as your earlier choice of the Terra over the C200, I think that’s a great play.

    I always prefer SDI connections over HDMI because it’s more secure. But that means buying a KineBack if you’re on a Terra setup. Anyway I hope someone else pops around and has some good answers for you.



    Thanks Raafi

    (your video reviews of the Terra 4K were great, no bs, overviews that really helped, so thanks for that also)

    Yes I do have the KineBack and will use SDI if I go third-party. I found a review of the MAVO LF on Newsshooter from Jan this year that discussed the KineMON-7H:

    “So is the KineMON-7H an improvement? In short, yes! The new monitor is a massive improvement over the previous 5″ version. It’s bright, clear, and it doesn’t get ridiculously hot like the KineMON-5L. Like the KineMON-5L, the 7H also has a delay in the signal path. While it isn’t as bad as the 5L, there is still a small delay that you do need to be aware of.”

    This would suggest the newer KineMON 5″ Full-HD Monitor is also improved, and think that should be a solid option.



    Jerome GafpaGear

    Hey the Kinemon5u has a very low power consumption and can be used in bright daylight, it only uses one cable (both power and video), it barely gets hot, and is only 15 wh. The good thing about the cable is that its LEMO so extremely durable, so no fiddling with hdmi, or broken sdi cables. Besides that using this ‘data cable’ means that latency can be even lower than when using sdi, since theres no decoding or encoding happening. The Kinefinity cameras have two monitor ports, and you can use two monitors simultaneously like one evf and one kinemon5u for instance.



    Thanks Jerome. I do have the 5L (should have mentioned) and am looking for an upgrade, particularly for outdoor. I was considering the SmallHD 702 Touch which would have given the option to take that to other cameras, but I’m so happy with the Terra 4K that I’ll go with the Kinemon 7H (bigger screen, neat and secure) and just stick to the Kinefinity ecosystem with any future upgrades.

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