Lightweight Gimbal set up with GripBat

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    Jeremy Fenske

    Hi All, I have been running the MAVO on the Ronin S lately and it works incredibly well. I have been using a V-Mount, but wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how to run power to the camera with the Grip Bat instead? It is near impossible to use the sidegrip with the Ronin S, so you would need to run a different adapter to get the battery off of the camera body, or positioned differently.


    Teradeck has an adapter for sony B series batteries that seems like it might be possible:

    Anyone out there with the electrical knowledge to know if this would fry the camera? I dont see a reason why it would, but would love some insight from anyone who has tried this or who knows more than I do.

    This would really shave some weight off the rig if it was possible!





    Hi Jeremy,

    I’m affraid I can’t really comment on your question, I think the adapter should work, but I’m not sure…

    I’ve seen this tough:

    So, it could work with the sidegrip if you use counterweights and some adapter plates for offset while mounting the camera.

    But it seems like not a very practical setup.

    What is your main concern? Reducing weight?

    How about this option:

    This could be mounted on the camera back, and sony np-f 960 or similar batteries could be used perhaps.. lightweight and inexpenssive..

    Could you post some pictures with your setup, I’m also considering something similar, using Terra 4K (without sidegrip), with some handheld gimbal (Moza air 2, or Ronin 2..), but I’m concerned about the balancing and overall weight of the rig..

    I don’t have camera yet so I can’t try out the setup.

    If you find the time, share some insight and toughts on problems and possible improvements.





    Jeremy Fenske

    Hey NeveN – Thanks for your reply!

    In general, my main goal is to reduce weight from the rig itself, but also in overall gear. I travel (fly) for most of my work and if I could eliminate V mount bricks, and their (large) charger from my load, it would greatly reduce my travel cases as well as simplify workflow with only one battery type and one charger. I know the V mount will still be needed, and sometimes be preferable when running peripheries with the KineBack, but I would prefer not to use them if the job does not demand them.

    As far as using a counterweight, its a good solution for some, but becomes counter productive weight wise and I would personally just use the V mount at that point.

    Your thought for the NP batteries to V Mount adapter is awesome, but I am really looking to utilize the Kine GripBats that I already own, as they are able to be used in the SideGrip, again keeping a single battery type solution for everything. So I looked for a B series version and found this:

    Which could be a solid option as it would allow me to mount on the KineBack when I run a full rig instead of the V mounts. However, I believe it is a dual battery mount, which doesnt solve the weight issue on the gimbal.

    But your suggestion got me thinking about just finding a D Tap adapter for the Kine B series batteries, and I found this:

    Battery Tap

    Which seems to be a brilliant solution that allows me to run my existing D Tap cable to the Kine battery. Even better than the Tera adapter as that would need a cable extension as well.

    So I ordered it and will keep you all posted on how it works out. thanks for getting my brain moving in the right direction!

    Otherwise, here are some pics of my set up on the Ronin S. This lens is fairly heavy, the other heavy lens I use here is a Canon 16-35mm 2.8. Other than these, they go down in weight and size. This set up works wonderfully. No counterweights, no adapter plates, just works.

    Kinefinity MAVO on Ronin S 02 Kinefinity MAVO on Ronin S 01 Kinefinity MAVO on Ronin S 03 Kinefinity MAVO on Ronin S 04 Kinefinity MAVO on Ronin S 05

    Kinefinity MAVO on Ronin S 06


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