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    Hi guys,

    Could someone upload all available Kinefinity LUTs? I only have KC Neutral but I’ve seen people using other Kinefinity Luts and I was wondering where I could find them. Would anyone be able to help?

    On another note, when loading a lut to the camera, do I have to power it off, then put the USB? Or can I put the USB straight on the camera while it’s on?




    Hi @Felipe – You do have to power off the camera and put in the USB to load them. Here’s a dropbox folder with every LUT I’ve used so far

    KC_NEUTM is the most current one, and installed on the Mavo series

    KC_NEUT4K is for the Terra 4k and is the most current Terra 4k LUT.

    KC_NEUTRAL was on my Terra in the older version of KineOS

    KineREALColor is a third-party LUT developed by Nico Schrenk for the KineMini, I believe.

    and CLIPMON_LUT is for monitoring only and was developed by @Gualbert on this forum.

    Hope this helps!



    This does help! Thank you, I loaded them all yesterday to compare. I will hopefully  do some tests on Monday on the Terra 4K since the new update has changed the minimum ISO for the Highlight sensitivity. From initial tests it seems to be that there is a big jump in highlight retention from 4.6 to 5.0 and almost no noticeable noise increase. From 4.6 to the maxiumum (5+) there is more noise, but it’s quite ok, so hopefully I’ll figure out more when I actually film everything in  stable environment.




    Hi Filipe,

    There are several LUTs online but be careful as some are just for “monitoring” meaning they help getting a “more” accurate level on the waveform, not intended for colour correct your work. So far I have found useful when I modify some neutral LUT by de-saturating and adjusting the luma yields using greycards. Call me lazy but sometimes I don’t enjoy much time to adjust ASA/Iris while running & gunning. By the way, do you post your work online/YouTube etc? Would love to see what other KineBros are working on! Cheers!



    I know that some of the chat has been just based on the Kinefinity LUTS. For users interested in others and how they may work with the cameras I wanted to add some of my own personal favorites.

    These LUTS worked well with the Kinemini and are starting to look great with the MAVO:


    ARRI rec709



    Osiris KDX

    Osiris JUGO


    The Koji LUTS are pretty great as well.

    Over the years Ive been trying to get the Kodak Vision 3 to work well with the Kinemini. I really struggled with that one.

    Im hoping that moving forward with the MAVO it will work.

    Anyways if anyone is interested.




    Hey guys, just got my terra 4k yesterday and trying to load up some luts for monitoring however keep getting an error “No 3D LUT at root directory”.
    Anyone able to shed any light on what might be the cause?
    So far I’ve got a freshly formatted fat32 usb with nothing other than the luts from raafi’s dropbox folder.



    Hi @Craig have you tried restarting the camera with the USB stick still in? I’ve sometimes only been able to load in LUTs if the stick is already mounted when I turn the camera on.



    Cheers for the reply Raafi!
    Yes, i’ve booted it up with the usb in.
    Not too sure what else to try.



    Hi Craig, the USB needs to be in FAT32 format and the LUTs need to be in the root directory, not in a folder or subfolder. Let us know if that works. Cheers!

    update: Just read that you already tried that… hmmm… that’s very strange, I just tried on mine now and works…



    Woohoo! I got it working.
    I think USB drives over 8gb must not work because I did the exact same thing using an 8gb USB and it worked.
    Thanks for the help anyway guys, appreciate it.



    Interesting! Never thought of that as I use the USB provided by Kine which is standard and small capacity. Glad you solved the issue! Cheers!



    Hey! Just trawling the blog and saw this..been doing some tests with the Terra 4k…been messing about with the highlight sensitivity…trying to work out if there is any reason to not have it on 5+ all the time? Other than it raising the lowest ISO…In other words, other than it raising the lowest ISO (but it never takes it past the base 800 or 3200 so should be ok?) is there a reason to have it on a lower setting (4+) Or does raising the HL sensitivity add grain / noise, even if you are sticking at the base ISO? It doesnt seem to have an effect on shadow / dark detail when up or down..It would seem in general that the camera craves light to avoid shadow noise (ETTR type thing, shoot hot, bring down in post), in which case your reaching the limit of the whites, thus have the sensitivity at 5+ to save them…why not leave it there all the time at 5+

    That leads on to: If you were over exposed, would you go below 800 iso, or use shutter / aperture to expose down instead? Does going below 800 or 3200 (base iso) degrade image moe than using shutter / appeture (purely talking about noise / artifacts, not DOF etc)

    Obviously going up in ISO tends to add noise at some point, interested in what happens when you go below the base…Have been shooting tests but not had time to get to deep into it…

    phew, that was a moutful! haha



    I’m pretty sure raising highlight sensitivity raises the noise as well. I don’t have the technical explanation for this but the basic idea is that the dynamic range stays the same the whole time, so changing the sensitivity just affects where the midpoint will be.

    The only times I’ve changed highlight sensitivity were when I had a shot with a lot of variation in the whites and not much of a low end – there’s a shot in my Terra4k review from the section in Norway when I’m on a boat and looking at a bunch of clouds. I changed the highlight sensitivity for those shots since there was so much white and clouds and I thought it might help. Usually I keep the camera at the default, though.


    Jerome GafpaGear

    Hey Raafi, in your example of changing the hs sensativity, you could also dialed in a other lut which pushes the images brighter, so you would close down your aperture to compensate for the increasement in the mid. By doing so you would ettl, but without the fuzz of dialing in hs in the menu, and without the fuzz f the image degradation which sadly happens with HS mode.

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