Mavo KineEnhancer IRIS control compatibility?

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    Hi All,

    i recently bought a Mavo 6k Basic Bundle with KineEnhancer in Melbourne and have a few thoughts on it. i’ve been trying to get my Sigma 18-35mm Art Lens to work on the EF mount for my Mavo, however i can’t seem to control the IRIS at all. no Value shows up on the side panel and i have enhanced activated in the Active Mount menu.

    i’m just really concerned about it, my other lenses are Samyang cine lens so i can at least control IRIS manually but i spent 1.4k on the adapter. i’ve been looking into buying the Sigma 70-200 Art but i want it to fully work first.

    other than that the Image is superb, but I’ve had frightening issues every now and then. Yesterday when changing Resolution, the entire image broke with vertical lines everywhere and then an X on the screen. after reboot everything went back to normal.

    i’m not sure what i should do. it feels like an ex-demo than a new model which i believe it is considering the model date is 2018 and already had a runtime of 480hrs with 90hrs recorded. should i just contact CR Kennedy and find out whats wrong?




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