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    We willl have a MAVO LF next week, and will do a lot of testing with it. We also ordered a focal reducer (0.7) from kipon to use some mamiya lenses, and we will do some anamorphic test with the moderator from the anamorphic lenses facebook. If theres something you want to be covered in these test please ask..

    Here are some tests we did real quick during the ibc in amsterdam with a pre production model.



    These are looking great, Jerome. Thanks for sharing them here.



    Nice, thanks for sharing! What are your impressions using the anamorphic glass/adapters with the Mavo LF?




    Tommaso Alvisi

    Hey Jerome, did you receive the LF? 😉


    hey sorry, totally forgot about this Kinecommunity!:*( will now attend ! and check now and then for new messages! yes we have now 2 mavo lfs one mavo s35 and two terras’s!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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