MAVO LF L-mount, EIS, DNG RAW and AF

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    Hello together

    As a more than 20year freelance commercial photographer I’m getting more and more into Film and have therefore strong interest in the Mavo LF.

    1. L-mount: Does anybody know if Kinefinity is bringing out an L-mount option as well? I have a lot of Leica SL lenses which are so superb (especially the SL Summicron’s). I also have the 16-35mm and 24-90mm which would be marvelous FF zooms for the Mavo LF. And now that Panasonic and Sigma have joined the L-mount more glas will come..

    2. EIS: I would very welcome some kind of electronic image stabilization (similar to the Hypersmooth on the GoPro7) as due to the size and form factor this camera is for me predestined to be handheld. Are there any plans to implement through firmware such functionality?

    3. RAW stills: Is there any firmware update to enable the ability to shoot stills using the full sensor size, in full bit depth and saved as DNG files?

    4. AF: I assume that due to the multiple lens mount options no AF will ever be implemented as such functionality would require to opt for one specific mount (most likely the EF mount).

    I guess I’ld be better of asking Kinefinity directly through their support email address..

    Anyway, thanks for your answers!



    Hi Carlos, welcome to the KineCommunity forum. Based on those 4 items/criteria you are interested in I don’t think Kinefinity (Terra or Mavo) is the right camera for you. I think you would find a better fit in let’s say a Sony A7 III or similar as they cover those 4 aspects. Mavo LF is not really the ideal tool for stills (even if you can extract them from cDNG files). Nor is the perfect candidate for electronic image stabilisation or autofocus. As for mounts, it Kine does offer Sony-E, Canon-EF, and PL mounts for their Universal KineMount and from there you can use several 3rd party solutions to adapt your lenses. For example, I have some pretty old Olympus, CONTAX, and Nikon manual lenses for which I have bought the adapters to EF mount and use it with the Kine EF Mount. Sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for but not sure Kinefinity will be hitting that market you seem to be interested in (as far as I know). Cheers!



    Hello Gualbert

    Thank you for your fast answer!

    I’ve already had the LF in my hands and it’s quite precisely what I’m looking for. Thus questions weren’t ment helping my decision, if that was the intention of your kind answer, rather my wishful thinking list to say in some way. It would have been nice if one of thus functionalities would have been implemented in some way in the LF. Now I know more.

    BTW: I’m already using DSLM’s for stills (very happy) and video (not satisfied due to ergonomics, UI and codecs, framerates). For me, a DSLM will never replace a proper cinecam, likewise a cinecam will never fully replace a stills camera. At least not now…


    All best

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