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    Hi Everybody, big news! Kinefinity has sent me the Mavo LF to create the official launch film for it. They also sent the Mavo Primes. The short is called Re/Connections. I’ve been working on it for months – writing, prepping, and building props, etc. We unboxed the LF on Sunday and have been testing all week including shooting one short scene on Monday.  Please pardon the up-and-down audio levels in the video as I’m in full preproduction mode for the short and editing + uploading the unboxing video was quite difficult to concentrate on during this hectic week. Our full production starts on Saturday.

    For now, there’s just a movie poster, but in the future please check the film’s website for more details specific to the production.



    This is freaking awesome! Can’t wait to see what you are preparing to delight us with! Cheers!


    Taylor Morgan

    Super excited for you Raafi! Looking forward to the film!!



    Thanks guys!


    George Nathanson

    I know there are a few MLFs in the wild.  I have been pouring over specs and really looking at pics but can someone please shoot me a definitive answer if the LF has an HDMI port on the body, seems like the KBack only has SDI.

    Thanks in advance,

    P.S. Great work on unboxing vid @raffi, THANKS!



    Hi George – the LF does have an HDMI port on the body. We took the KineBack off to get lighter weight for handheld today and used the HDMI for monitoring.

    thanks for watching!



    Hey Rafi,

    Hope everything is good so far. Been crazy busy with my paying job for the past 4 months 🙁 Happy to see you will be doing the MAVO Movie. How do you like the Kine Primes so far? Cheers for Hong Kong!



    Hi Gualbert. The Mavo primes are super sharp – really digging them. We just completed the 7th day of shooting on the short. Last day is Sunday and then we can start editing. Hoping to post some still frames soon.


    great stuff raafi!



    Hi Raafi! Long time no chat, I’m sure you are extra super busy but wondering how’s the project is coming along and how do you like the MAVO LF so far? Cheers!



    Thanks for checking in @gualbert – Enjoying the LF so far for sure. Anxious to be able to share some footage soon. We’re still deep in the edit but feeling good about the images and story. I even shot one scene tw0-cameras with the Terra.


    Tommaso Alvisi

    Hey @raafi! Thanks for your updates and reports!

    I’m really curious about a few things and I think you can help me/us with this 😉

    Did you have instances of Moiré or Aliasing with the LF @ 6K native or @ 4K oversampled from 6K in camera?

    Are the PL Mount II or EF Mount II ready for full frame? Or is there a special version of both with wider inside baffle?

    Did you test 3rd party SSDs successfully with it also with high speed and/or low compression high datarate?

    Lastly how did you find dynamic range VS known commonly used cameras? How does it compare?

    Thanks a lot!!!!!!



    Hi @Tommaso – I haven’t noticed any moiré – don’t have a 6k monitor but on my iMac the image looks perfectly clean. And, yes, I’ve shot in both 6k native and 4k oversampled.

    The PL and EF mounts are both full frame and I’ve used both PL glass and a Canon L lens I have on it.

    I can’t remember what post I said it in but yes I’m using 3rd party SSDs regularly. I have two KineMag+ and several Samsung 840 Evos (which are a couple generations old. Samsung is up to 860 now). I use them interchangeably. If I know in advance that I’m shooting high frame rate I try to use the KineMags but that may just be superstition.

    Dynamic range is definitely a stop or more than my Terra 4k. I’ve shot two cameras on a couple things and I believe the Terra has been reliably tested at 13-stops by people not affiliated with Kinefinity. Roll-off is nice, etc. I may do a head-to-head test of the LF with a couple other cameras in the Spring once I’m finished with the launch film (which is still on the way! LOL).

    Have had a great experience with it overall so far. Can’t wait to share some images.


    Tommaso Alvisi

    Hey @raafi !!!

    I was on a job, now back at home and I’ve seen your kind reply, thanks!

    Wow if the image is clean withour moiré and aliasing @4K downsampled from 6K it’s really good news! 😉

    I don’t need 6K currently, delivery is rarely at 4K and also I don’t need reframing, since we make precise framing choices on set and stabilization is not essential because if needed we use really great MOVI or STEADI ops.

    So having a nice clean 4K master would be perfect for us.

    Heck, I’d be even interested in an uberdownsampled 2K from 6K 😉

    Good to know about the SSDs, I have a couple of spare Samsungs I could use these at least at the beginning.

    BTW How is the dual iso implemented?

    Is is automatic/user transparent or it have/can be set manually?

    What’s your top comfortable ISO setting you would use for a 4K delivery? 3200ISO?

    Lastly, you have the Terra 4K, too…what’s your experience matching the two?

    Are these tuned with the exactly the same middle grey / iso calibration and does the color palette/response match in multicam shoots?

    Thanks again!!!!!!!!!!!

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