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    Mazze Aderhold

    Hi all,

    Assimilate just released SCRATCH Play Pro – a pretty cost efficient Player and Transcoder – incl. support for KRW.
    You can use it to playback your clips, but also to transcode them to h264, h265 and ProRes (incl. ProRes on Windows).
    Also it ships with an updated UI – so anybody, who got confused with SCRATCH before, please feel free to take another look.

    Here are a few links that might help.
    Introduction video:
    Product Page:
    30-day fully functional trial:

    Support for compressed DNG from Terra/Mavo is in the works as well 🙂 .





    …and that’s the bad side of all Assimilate products: cost!

    Here you have a player (pro) with some nice encoding capabilities and they are asking $20 USD a month or a sizzling $200 USD a year rent… Not a viable option unless you have a studio who serves enough clients to justify this cost. Not to mention there are plenty of options out there either free or low cost ($250 USD non rental, just plain cost and the product is yours) and with better GUIs and features than Assimilate. I tried their NLE and it was a nightmarish hellish experience, totally non-intuitive GUIs, and lacking on features that are standard in almost every NLE from other software companies. Cheers!


    Mazze Aderhold

    So, a couple of things:

    First – the “bad side of all Assimilate products is cost”?!?!
    Dude, on what planet are you living? Where is that notion coming from that everything software has to be free?
    Seriously – we’ve put a lot of work in this software, and that has value. And given the monthly salary of a single developer, 20 USD a month for Play Pro is freaking cheap. 20 bucks a month is less than you spend on coffee in that same amount of time. A professional player needs to be continuously updated with new file-io, latest SDKs from all the camera vendors, stuff like hardware-decoding needs to be updated – it’s an ongoing project, hence a subscription model is in order. Sorry, but we can’t cross finance with hardware sales and give our software away for free like Blackmagic does. We only have our software and we are making a living off it. And we do try and do things better than others – SCRATCH, as well as Play Pro have some great features in there, that in this form and combination are nowhere else to be seen. If you don’t need those, fine, move on.

    Second, about those features: Other apps do not support all the video-io, they do not support ProRes encoding on Windows, they do not have as good quality encoders for h264 and h265 and are by far not as fast in terms of encoding speed. Let alone support for KRW, which is yet to be seen implemented natively in any other app. Yes, no app is perfect and I am aware that the editor in SCRATCH has lots of room for improvement, admittedly. But have a try and do clip- and grade-versioning, or even quick realtime-compositing in other apps – this is where SCRATCH really shines. Anyhow, this is not for Play Pro. Play Pro is mainly a Player – name any other Player (and no, Resolve is not a player, neither is Premiere, or FCP), that supports this range of video-io, is as slick and fast as Play Pro, has reporting, QC-tools and HDR-analysis and also has really great encoding capabilities. If you don’t need a Player, fine. Then Play pro is not for you. If you need one, it’s by far the best and most cost effective option out there.

    Third – the UI – we heard that and we improved the UI in v9 – incl. Play Pro. We even made it a priority before implementing new features and it was quite a considerable project that took valuable resources to get done. The UI is now miles more intuitive than it used to be – which I wrote in my original post and which you could see if you cared to take a look at the intro-video. Again, Play Pro does not have an NLE in it, it’s just a simple Player, that has two tabs: Construct, where you manage your clips, and Player, where you play them back. If that is not simple enough, I can’t help you.

    Lastly, we are working with Kinefinity on getting a nice (and permanently licensed) offer for Kinefinity users at a special price. We’ll see what that will be, once we’re through.


    Do I sound a bit pissed? Yes, because it makes me sick and tired to care about people that are asking for things, that other big players obviously don’t give a shit about – like native KRW-support – and then being told my work is basically worth nothing and I should work for free.

    In all honesty, that sucks. And it isn’t fair.



    No idea why are you ranting after I just expressed ‘my opinion’. Truly hope you are not working for Assimilate or trying to advertise your product in here and expecting no one to express their opinion (even if it is negative) about what you sell. Everything I wrote are a facts (price cost to rent, alternative options that are either cheaper or free, software features and capabilities compared to its competition) with the one opinion being “I think Assimilate’s SCRATCH is a nightmarish hellish experience to use”. I am not bashing Assimilate SCRATCH or PlayerPRO, neither said it is a bad software. That said, I am a Mac user and there are plenty of options (free or otherwise) regarding encoders (ProRes) and NLEs and they are updated regularly. I am not expecting Assimilate products to be free, but I am expecting to pay a price tag and own the product, and that’s what I referred to as “the bad side of Assimilate’s products”. For what Assimilate offers it faces tough competition as they have no differentiator or game changer that would justify “renting” a software, unless of course the person loves the software and can justify paying a “rent”. You see, you just got “pissed” for no apparent reason, we are all entitled to an opinion and I truly believe I expressed it respectfully. Cheers!


    Mazze Aderhold

    I respectfully disagree. I almost never get pissed, but when I do, I do it for a reason.
    Yes, everyone can have his opinion – and for all I care, you can have yours and are free to express it.
    As a matter of fact, I’d love to get constructive feedback – but yours couldn’t be further away from useful feedback.
    And by far not everything you wrote were “facts” – as a matter of fact, most of it just isn’t.

    For instance saying that Assimilate does not offer differentiators over others. It does, and it has plenty of them. If they don’t suit you, that’s one thing, an opinion – but you convey that as a fact, which it isn’t.
    The simplest differentiator when it comes to this particular forum is KRW-support. If you don’t call that a differentiator, then what is? What other tool is there, that can convert KRW to h264, h265 or ProRes in one go? Which tool lets you tweak KRW-debayering settings and view the clips right away? Out on SDI using a video-io of your choice?
    If you compare Assimilate products with others – subscription model is everywhere around. Assimilate is none out of the ordinary and it doesn’t take a studio to afford 20 bucks a month, like you state. As a matter of fact, a great part of SCRATCH users are freelancers, not studios. If you need any of the features Play Pro offers, it’s a more than fair price for what you get. If you don’t need them, well, then it’s just not for you and that’s allright.
    And I’m asking you again: Name any other Player software that gives you what Play Pro does – leave out ProRes on Windows for all I care.  In terms of a professional player software, there are alternatives – but then you need to compare apples to apples – and the alternatives in that field are far more expensive than Play Pro is. Sure, these alternatives you can buy and be done with it. But that comes at a cost, that would easily buy you 20 years of Play Pro (and that without paying for annual updates anyways, even with the alternatives – because what use is an outdated software, that can’t play the latest camera files? Believe it or not, but you’re paying an annual amount one or the other way).
    Sure, you can instead use Resolve, or FCP, or Premiere as a player – yet, it’s not the same. The simplest thing being that you just can’t double-click a file in your file browser and have it play back full screen right away, or do proper clip management and metadata handling. Believe me, SCRATCH and Play Pro for that matter have a lot of differentiators.






    Cool, enjoy the forum and welcome to the KineCommunity. Cheers!


    Mazze Aderhold

    Thank you!



    Looks pretty good to me. Will be sure to give it a try once my Terra arrives!



    I’ve had a Terra6k for quite a while I started getting used to Scratch (lowly).
    Scratch play is the best review software for Kinefinty cameras hands down.
    Have to admit it a bit daunting, but after you get used to it it not so bad. Under the hook it is THE BEST!
    User Interface… not so much.

    I am extermly excited about Play Pro, since i mostly transcode anyway and anyone who has compared the raw with the Prores should see a huuuuge difference with Play. I did.

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