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    Hi all, great forum! I’m an editor / composer / Filmer based  in London.

    Just finished editing a big on line content series, all shot on a Mavo LF, for Apple.

    Having edited and graded all the footage (in baselight) i was super impressed with how the camera handled a variety of situations. I have my own A7iii kit which i film lots of commercial stuff on, but keep getting the ‘we need an Alexa’ reply to a lot of jobs i get asked to shoot. So pulled the trigger on a Terra, and will put some Arri stickers on it…just joking, what a camera!! I figured the kinienhancer and the terra will make a killer combo until funds allow for an LF.

    Camera arrives next week and i have some old EF lenses i can use, but it seems a shame not to be able to use any of my G master primes in the Sony kit. I know they don’t work but i have a Sony / Zeiss 50mm 1.4 with an aperture ring, would that work? Or is the focus in that lens electronically controlled? Have searched about but cant find an answer…seems strange that you can control EF glass electronically but not E mount sony (G masters etc) hopefully that will trickle down at some point. Didn’t want to buy the E mount adapter on the off chance… Got my eye on some Xeens, they seem a fair price point for nice cine primes…ok nice to meet you all and will post some test stuff soon. Actually just got booked for a shoot next week so it may be a baptism of fire with the new camera!

    Cheers, arlen



    Great post and love the enthusiasm! The E mount for Kine cameras is analog, unfortunately so I don’t think Sony lens control is coming soon. Please post the Apple piece when it’s ready, though 🙂



    I will do bro for sure. There’s lots of paid spend on the Un skippable youtube pre role version so you might not able to avoid it!!!!

    Think its out early Jan…hope all going good and speak soon


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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