Prores 4444 banding

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    Hi there,

    I recently took my Mavo LF for a little test ride at home and noticed a lot of banding in the out of focus/white parts of the image, it’s also noticeable in Davinci. I haven’t done any in depth tests yet (CDNG) but wondering if anybody had seen similar problems and found a solution? I’ve attached a link to the test footage below and its most noticeable in the top right corner of the frame (around the windows).

    Here’s the footage:

    Filmed at 6K open gate Prores 4444

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    Hi Courtney – welcome to the forum – two things:

    – from what I’ve heard the ProRes does a little better than CDNG in the highlights.

    – in a case like the shot you posted, where there’s lots of highlights and not a lot of low end, I’d consider increasing the highlight sensitivity of the camera. It won’t increase the overall dynamic range of the image, but it will allocate more processing power to the highlights. If you’ve seen my review of the Terra 4k, there are a few shots from a boat in Norway where the frame is dominated by clouds (almost no blacks). For those shots I shifted the highlight sensitivity to its highest setting to capture all of that pillowy soft detail. Something similar might work for the conditions you showed.


    Jerome GafpaGear

    Hey Raafi, old bottle new wine 🙂 I would say use ettl luts, because highlight setting, is a fake setting and doesnt yield the same results as keeping them default and simply ettl, with exposure luts. But yes I agree, theres no banding, in the footage theres just some clipping happening, Theres maybe a total of 6 stops dr in this scene, so you could basically underexpose by 3 stops and still have the same result, but with the added highlight retention.

    Our ettl luts are available for free download

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