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    Hey guys,

    I thought it would be informative to post some stills from my current project/short film. I know there are many questions regarding how to shoot on this camera and post workflow. Me and my team (aka my roommates) have been testing this camera out for several months now and decided to write/shoot/cut/vfx/grade a little film (2-3 mins long). We are in the process of editing it right now in Avid. I’m going to post some lo-res stills of the shoot and out of camera. If there is enough interest, I’ll keep sharing more stills as well as answering any questions. I know there is not a lot of real on-set footage out there so feel free to ask away.




    Looks cool man! I tried starting up a thread for stills a little while ago. Feel free to post a few over at as well. Looking forward to seeing the final film!

    Is that a false-color chart taped to the side of your camera?



    Definitely interested in hearing more updates. To start, if you can, please list the camera package you’ve put together for the shoot – monitor, FF unit, lens and lens mount – etc?



    Thanks for the interest:

    Kinemini EF Mount

    Sachtler Ace Follow Focus

    Sachtler Ace Matte Box

    F&V V Mount Batter Adapter

    Kinekit Cage

    18″ Rods

    Camtree EVF Mount

    Cineroid Retina EVF

    11-16 Tokina 2.8

    24-70L Canon 2.8

    70-200L Canon 2.8

    Dana Dolley

    4×4 Kinos

    Flanders Scientific CM171 Monitor

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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