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    Adam Werton

    In chinese¬†Kine community, Jihua’s saying that they’re talking to Fuji.

    Jihua said Fuji started being interested in their products after Philip’s videos.

    Now it seems after the MAVO PRIME (rehoused F3 with NISI ), there might be MAVO ZOOM (rehoused MK lens with Fuji).

    So what this means is that Kinefinity will become an official distributor of Fuji MK lens in china,¬†and in future you’ll be able to purchase MAVOs and TERRAs in bundle with Fuji lenses. AND jihua said they’ll likely sell MK 18-55 with KineMount option.



    Wow, that’s huge!

    The MK lenses are great affordable and lightweight cine zooms. Their main drawback has been E-mount only. But since the Kine cameras offer an E Mount for manual lenses – or as you’re saying the potential of an MK lens directly in KineMount this pairs the MK series with a cinema camera outside of the Sony family.


    John M. White

    My two favorite camera brands together!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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