SOLD: Kine Mini 4k with 4k and slo-mo custom speedbooster

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    joshua chiara


    I am selling my Kine mini 4k complete package. Ready to shoot except for a lens and a monitor.

    It includes:

    *Kine Mini 4k camera with Kine mount, side grip handle with 2 battery holders (1 for the grip, and 1 extra), 4k upgrade, and slo-mo upgrade.

    *Custom speed booster (kinemount to EF non active mount) Takes the crop to 1.1. Almost full frame.

    *Top cheese handle with rails.

    *Bottom plate with 15mm rails included.

    *d-tap power cable

    *shoulder mount

    *tilta v-mount battery pinch, with accessory cables for LED lights, EVF’s, Monitors, or whatever else you need powered

    *2x 240gb SSD (works in all modes, no dropped frames) also includes plastic case for the drives

    *3x batteries for the side grip and charger for the batteries

    *all the rails pictured are included.

    This camera has some great features that aren’t normally found in cameras at this price point.

    The camera has a lot of great monitor calibration features that make it easier to monitor what you’re shooting considerably easier than most competing cameras.

    Shoots to SSD’s which are inexpensive. (you can get a bout 45 mins of compressed 4k RAW on one 240gb drive.)

    many different frame rates and resolutions:

    *3k anamorphic (with anamorphic stretching in camera out to monitors for correct monitoring of the 2x squeeze)

    *m43 framing for using m43 native lenses in 3k

    *S16 framing in 2k for using any super 16 lenses

    *up to 120 frames per second in 1080p scope (slo-mo is downscaled, not windowed, so you don’t introduce any additional crop with slo motion)

    More info at Kinefinity’s website

    Looking for $5000 shipped to the US. Anywhere outside of the US will have to pay additional shipping.

    I’ll ship immediately, so there is no waiting for kinefinity to ship out the camera. And no import taxes if you’re in the US.
    [attachment=2]Kinefinity wide.jpg[/attachment]
    [attachment=1]Kinefinity Speedbooster.jpg[/attachment]
    [attachment=0]Kinefinity side handle.jpg[/attachment]



    I’m interested. Is everything fine with the camera? No problems?

    How many hours/projects have this camera been through?


    joshua chiara

    sent you a PM about the cam


    joshua chiara


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