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    Hi all. New member here!

    So, I’ve been following the progress of this line of Kinefinity cameras since the Terra 4K came out and patiently waited to see what the other models would offer, in particular the Mavo LF. I’ve never been more intrigued by a camera in my life.

    I’m now kind of close to finally pulling the trigger on a Kinefinity, but now I’m torn between the Mavo and Mavo LF for a number of reasons.

    – The first is obviously the cost, with the LF coming in around £4,000 more expensive. Which is a substantial chunk!

    – The main reason I was looking at the LF was the dual native ISO, which is lacking in the Mavo. How does this camera perform at higher ISOs? eg 3200 and above. Also, is a dual native ISO something that could be offered via a firmware update or totally hardware related?

    – The full frame aspect was a big draw for me, but I’ve since had a rethink on this as I can use my full frame lenses using the Kine Enhancer. I currently use a Speedbooster with my Sony FS7 so I’m used to this workaround.

    – Apart from the sensor size and Dual Native ISO are there any real other differences between the 2 cameras? The images I’ve seen look incredible from both.

    I’m a Sony FS7 and A7S2 owner but looking for something to go up to the next level and feel that one of these cameras the answer. I’m also UK based so have ProAV as a supplier based here, which makes the process much easier.

    I know I’ve probably blathered on a bit here but I’m just reaching out to you guys for a bit of advice, opinion and guidance, as you’re the ones in the know!

    Thanks a lot in advance.




    If you are in the UK Carl at ProAV is your best bet. He is a great guy and has used all cameras in the Kinefinity line up. I have used the Terra 4K and the Mavo LF and both are great cameras, but haven’t used the Mavo S35 though. The dual ISO is a great tool but I don’t think this is something that can be “tweaked” via software, maybe I’m wrong but it has to deal with the sensor’s hardware capabilities. The S35 with the KineEnhancer (speedbooster) will yield you a near to FF experience as possible. I’m guessing the Mavo S35 with KineEnhancer would be very similar to a Mavo LF without the 2nd ISO range in terms of image quality and such. I use the KineEnhancer with the Mavo LF when in S35 mode to maximize lens’ speed and capabilities. Cheers!



    Thanks a lot for the reply Gualbert. Yeah I’ve been watching Carl’s YT videos for a long time now, and watched all the Kinefinity ones over and over again to get as much info drilled in as possible!

    I think you’re right about maybe giving him a shout to see what he has to say on the matter though, as he’s put each camera of the line up through their paces.

    I get the feeling that whichever one I go with I won’t be disappointed though!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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