VIDEO TUT: Kinestation and Cineform workflow

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    Why is Kinestation so dog slow? I have a 40 core 3Ghz machine with 64 GB RAM, Dual Titan Black GPUs and a fast RAID, and I’m getting around 1fps converting 4k 100fps footage to ProRes.

    It’s not because of any bottlenecks: CPU usage is like 0.01% it’s not using the GPU at all. What is it doing?

    At least I’ve found that because it utilises so few resources I can run multiple instances, so at least I can do a whole folder in parallel, but seriously, this is a huge drag.

    Are there any plans to optimise this? Why not post the filestream specs for krw files (like cineform did) so that people like the ffmpeg team could included a decoder. There are lots of open source devs who would just love to help make your product better for your users.

    Also why no cinemaDNG output for high frame rate recordings? If you’ve go the image data, why not let us transcode it the same as other footage. Doesn’t make sense.




    Great tutorial, very informative. Thanks Rob.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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