Who else is excited for the Mavo Edge?!

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    I’m looking forward to seeing some footage with it. Everything looks amazing, the only downside is no cdng/raw recording.
    It would be a pity if the footage wasn’t able to be graded/processed in Davinci Resolve. I’m aware prores raw being available on a good amount of platforms but I don’t think that was a big enough trade off to leave resolve.
    Anyone have any insights on this?



    Very excited for the camera as well – pre-ordered it. Not sure what the status of ProRes raw will be. I’ve used regular ProRes in Davinci, but admit it’s not the same amount of flexibility as working with Raw.


    Garen Mirzaian

    Very excited — I’ve pre-ordered it too!  They’ve been quiet though….


    Jerome GafpaGear

    Hey  Guys, not to spoil this RAW party! But lets be real there are no image quality advantages over Prores444 when working with raw. The only thing that Raw does about raw is being smaller potentially than prores444 while staying around the ‘visual losless’  mark. Another downside is that you cannot downsample raw in camera (yes the sigma FP does scaling which is terrible) , For me the sweet spot of the edge will be Oversampled 4k with a full sensor read out. If anyone has questions about the upcoming Mavo edge, please ask, and  I will promise I  will get back!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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