Retrograde 1 Min Short Film

A Short action film I made for the Filmstro / Film Riot competition. Shot over just two hours using the Terra 4K - all handheld @ 25 FPS and a 120 Angle shutter. Grade in DaVinci resolve (starting with the Fuji d65 Lut and adjusting from there)
  • director: Nicholas Winter
  • dp: Nicholas Winter
  • editor: Nicholas Winter
  • camera: Terra4k

Mavo LF Unboxing

Unboxing of the Mavo LF and Mavo Primes in preparation for the official Mavo LF launch film.
  • director: Raafi Rivero
  • dp: Naito
  • camera: Mavo LF

Nike SB Wear Test | San Francisco

Nike SB released some new shoes and tasked me to make a video of people skateboarding in them, in the lovely city of San Francisco. The Terra 4K handled the 3 day shoot with flying colors and assured me that it most certainly CAN be a run-and-gun camera. Shot in 4K 48p ProRes 422 and graded using a modified version of the KineFlat LUT in Premiere Pro.
  • dp: Taylor Morgan
  • editor: Taylor Morgan
  • camera: Terra4k

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