a super basic quick test

There are two different lighting conditions - in the first few scenes, there is a single Manda el-600 LED light (60watt) with a JinBei 65cm folding Spherical diffuser (a 'China Ball'). In the last few 'bathtub' scenes, the china ball is removed, and a gridded snoot is used. There is some dust/mist (Atmosphere Aerosol). Shot with KineHancer
  • director: Dave Chin
  • camera: Terra6k


43.60 stands for 43 films of 60 seconds each. One of a series of test films using the Terra 6k
  • director: Loic Zimmermann
  • camera: Terra6k

Terra 4k Review

The camera was tested in New York as well as in Norway and France. Special thanks to all the friends and collaborators who helped make this video possible.
  • director: Raafi Rivero
  • camera: Terra4k

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