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Thu Jun 25, 2015 9:04 am

If anyone is interested in testing out the new BETA firmware update 3.301...
Some of the specs include:

-Golden 3k for KineMAX
-KineAudio for KineMAX
-1K-2K Proxies for both KineMAX and KineMINI- Great for slomo and 4K
-NEW LOG(KineLOG3 color science) -tried it already and its awesome!... They claim more dynamic range and more accurate greys.
-More in camera 3D LUTs(Neutral/Flat) and have reopened the option to add 3rd part LUTs.

There has also been a new BETA release of kinestation with prores 422 options, but this is buggy(at least for me) so I wouldn't recommend for now.

So far, from my tests the new color science feels a lot better, and more natural...Though better than their older KineColor2 LUT for post work, it still adds slightly too much saturation for my taste.

Lastly, if you are working in the newest version of Premiere, in the new color workspace-the "ALEXA_Default_LogC2Rec709" LUT in the list actually works great on the KineLOG- It seems that Kinefinity has tried hard to replicate their color science.

Here are the links in case your interested:

KineMINI KineOS 3.3:

KineMAX KineOS 3.3:

KineStation 0.82:

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Dominic Taylor
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Thu Jun 25, 2015 6:44 pm

Thanks for the heads-up, will check it out.

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Tue Jul 14, 2015 10:26 pm

Here is what Im finding as current bugs or feature requests.

1. When shooting highspeed the target resolutions are not accurate. We are losing 4px horizontally and 6 vertically. ie: 1920X1080 = 1916X1074

2. Washed out footage when converting using 8.41 SOLVED using 8.44

3. When I installed the firmware it removed some useful LUTs like the Rec709 lut,

4. Its really cool that we are able to load our own Luts to record with. Is there any possibility of getting a display lut implemented as well. (ie: record in KineLog but display using the Kinecolor2 Lut. Right now the work around is to see my SmallHD DP4 monitor and buy the new 501 monitor that allows you to load luts.

5. Now Scratch. You cant use KRW in Scratch right now so I contacted them and this is their response.

"Hey Rob,
Checked with support – you need to install the latest CSP beta for the high-speed KRW formats.

So Im just keeping ahead of the game and making sure that these 2 issues are looked after.
5a - KRW footage comes in with vertical resolution wrong (ie: 1080 = 720 or 2048X1080 = 2084X720)
5b - New krw format not supported, it only reads as 1 frame.

6. I contacted the Foundry to get the KRW format supported in Nuke and Nuke Studio. I use this suite for comping and finishing work. Hopefully they contact you but Im here to help with anything between the 2 companies to make this happen.

7. Prores 422 versions have been added to kinestation. Would be nice to have 444 options available.

8. Adding KRW support in more software packages.

8a - The foundry Nuke, Nuke Studio, Hiero.
-Nuke supporting .KRW files. You can track this using the reference 'Bug 50040
- Request to support .KRW files'."

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