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Fri Jun 17, 2016 9:23 am

Hi everybody,

I can't seem to understand this issue completely.
I'm used to working woth EI settings in camera and record DNG, which gives me "underexposed" image in DaVinci.
I generally use Ei 800iso, and control my exposure with lights, iris, and nd filters.

My question is, how to get the monitoring lut to work in post.

I used to apply the linear to gamma 2.2 or linear to rgb, and work from there. It gave ok behaviour of the signal, meaning, my raw knobs treat signal meaningful (shadows, highlights, exposure behaves correctly)
However, it seems that the new kinelog3 in the kineos4.0 works rather diferent and is not applicable for that given workflow.
The way I used to expose, and the results I could expect in post don't mach anymore.

I started using everything at default in DaVinci (colorspace rec709, gamma rec709) and than apply two nodes, in first linear to cineon log, and in second either the new KC_NEUTRAL, or arri logC to rec709. This gives me similar efect on signal I had during shooting.
But for some scenes it's better to use just one node and apply the linear to rec709

It's very confusing and unpredictable. Inever seemed to understand the "curve" cube file in every shot folder (which I tought should be the linear to log lut the camera uses during recording), it gives some awful offsetting of the linear signal.
And I'm not sure what the gamma setting in raw tab of DaVinci should be. Linear, rec709, srgb, gamma 2.4, or gamma2.6

Sometimes gamma2.6 + some arri orkinemini lut works ok, but streches tke blacks while "holding" on to the 0% of signal, leaving severe noise in the image........

I think my head will explode!
I seemed to like the kinelog2 signal processing better, during shooting, and determining the exposure. They raised the 18% grey as I understand, and it seems it gives lot more noise in lower light.

I dunno, can someone shed some light on this topic, please? Dan? ;)

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