Why am I getting Dark footage while importing ?

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Arooj Azam
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Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:07 pm

Direct Answers from KineFinity

1. Davinci Resolve seems not support loading LUT automatically.
2. We strongly suggest transcoding DNG into Cineform RAW to get LOGGed clips.
3. There is no need to shoot in KineLOG. KineLOG you see in the liveview means monitoring images are in logged way, not linear, or loading normal LUT like Kine709 or Color. No matter KineLOG, 709 even Color, Kine cameras record DNG RAW files or/and Cineform RAW, with LUT you used for monitoring like KineLOG, Kine709 LUT.
4. Yes. Kine cameras do not have de-noise process inside camera. So higher ISO, it shows more noise in dark. But remember below ISO800, the latitude remains same nearly. So lower ISO, more lighting, more aperture, will show cleaner images. Or appeal to de-noise in post-workflow.
5. DNG is nearly linear coding, not logged. So if you want LOG-C type, you need to use KineStation to transcoding DNG into 4K Cineform RAW mov. CineformRAW is logged, like Arri LogC.

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Mon Aug 24, 2015 8:46 pm

So if it is recommended to transcode the DNG files to Cineform Raw, Is it safe to say I can just shoot in CIneform Raw on set? And save time by not transcoding the files to Cineform Raw?

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