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    Hey guys,

    i’m in the market for a new camera to step up the quality of my work. I do shoot all sorts of stuff but mostly documentaries with a cinematic touch, making of’s, fashion and corporate. I would like to have one camera that can do it all and after checking current models on the market the Terra 4k seems like a good match for me and my style of shooting.

    There are some reviews out there and i think i did watched them all, but i would love to get some feedback from owners of a Kinefinity camera to get me some answers.

    The latest review of the Mavo at Newsshooter really was very detailed one but it has left me with some more question about the Kinefinity system.

    1. Reliability

    The most important thing for me after the image itself is the reliability of the camera since i don’t want to run into any mayor issues when shooting a paid gig (sure nobody wants to, and I know It can happened with any system, but I just want to be sure about that). I’ve read about some different problems happening to owners, like freezing cameras etc. and i would like to know from you guys if you ever had some of these problems and if, were they frequently or in wich period of time? I’ve read that with kine os 6.2 they’ve  worked on that besides some other stuff but it would be good to know if this really was the case?

    3. Audio

    Dealing with the audio controls was one point that was mentioned in the newsshooter review. I was considering to get the kineback together with the body because i need proper pro connections for my work. So my question is, is the audio control really that bad or is it a thing that you can live with, or has it maybe also changed with one of the latest updates? If it really is that bad i would stick to my zoom H5 and just get the kine back lite as a V mount option.

    3. Camera package

    Most owners said that the Kinemon 5 isn’t the best option and as i do already own a small hd focus I would love to use it for the terra as well. I know it was discussed over and over again but is there still the same lag when using a third party monitor via hdmi/sdi? Has it maybe changed via the firmware update?

    Putting together all topics I’ve scratched leaves me to the final question, should I get a camera package or just the body with the side handle and maybe the kineback/kineback lite? I already have a baseplate, top handle, follow focus and the small hd focus. I will definitely have to get the kine enhancer since this will not be included with neither of the packages.

    Luckily i have a Kinefinity reseller 30km from my hometown so i will have the chance to get a hands on and a closer look at it before making the purchase.

    Puhh .. so many question but i guess everyone of you guys can understand me, as nobody wants to spend that much money on a system that he maybe will not be happy with when shooting.

    Looking forward to your replys!!! I really appreciate that you will take your time to help me!

    Thanks and regards from Germany




    Hi Fabian,

    There are a lot of questions in this post so I’ll try to answer a couple of them simply and maybe some other people can fill in. First off: Reliability. I will say that the cameras have had some issues with stability in the past but that KineOS 6.2 is much more reliable. I took both the Terra and the Mavo LF for four weeks on this shoot.

    We shot all over the country so there was no chance of service even if we had a problem. The system is not always perfect but it is reliable.

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