Control cable for start/stop side grips

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    This is probably a long shot question.

    Does anyone know what kind of external control protocol the ctrl port on the terra bodies use?

    I have the Tilta Nucleus-M follow focus set and would love to be able to use the rec trigger of the nucleus grip to start and stop recording.
    Tilta sell an arri 7pin lemo to 4 pin red dsmc1 or a dsmc2. any chance either of thees cables would work on the terra?

    I’ve emailed sales at Kinefinity but they haven’t replied.



    Looks like you did the right thing by emailing them. In the Terra manual it says, “Definition of CTRL port is also available if you want to tailor your accessory, send us an email to apply.” Hope they get back to you soon.



    They got back to me but didn’t really answer my question other than to say they don’t know weather the Tilta cables would work.

    They also offered to add a ctrl cable to my order but i’m not sure they understand that i want to use it with a Tilta handle..

    My order already contains the shoulder kit with wooden side handle and ctrl cable.. Not sure if they have other cables or not.?

    Can anyone please confirm the number of pins on the handle and handle end of the cable supplied with the shoulder kit? The image i found seems to show an 8 pin lemo connection..?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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