External monitor/HDMI out issues

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    Adrian Niculae

    Hello all,

    I’ve had my Mavo LF for a couple of months now, no issues apart from having to sent back the Atomos Shinobi monitor that I bought for it because apparently there is an incompatibility between the camera and this monitor model. The image was almost totally green. ProAV confirmed that they were only able to reproduce the issue with the Mavo cameras.

    I bought a Feelworld 7inch monitor 2200 nits and although it has the green cast, it is only in the shadows areas so I decided to keep it since I like the brightness. The best and most accurate monitor I tried with this camera is a 100 USD Liliput 7 inch monitor which by far has the best colour representation but it’s not very bright.

    Cheers, Adrian



    Hello Adrian.

    Which model of feelworld are you using?

    Could u maybe get a screen shot of the green cast you are mentioning?




    I recently had this issue with my Feelworld LUT7s being completely green. I contacted Feelworld and they eventually sent me a firmware update that I could install and it seems to have relieved the issue.

    My Feelworld 6PLUS did not have this issue, and even when I plugged in that to the camera and used the loop-through out to the LUT7s I was having this trouble. So I wasn’t under the impression that it was a kinefinity issue. As mentioned, contacting Feelworld was the way for me to fix. I would suggest contacting Atomos and seeing if they can do the same. Make sure you have the most current firmware just in case.

    If this is a Kinefinity issue I hope they work with these companies to figure out what the problem is.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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