Extracting Files from your SSD on Windows

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    I was told that there was no such topic created on these Forums. If I’m posting something that already exists or if I’m posting it in the wrong Forum section, I’d like to kindly ask a Moderator/Administrator to move or indeed delete this Topic, as I don’t intend to duplicate existing information.

    Regarding the extraction of the files recorded on your SSD (CinemaDNG, for instance), you might experience a problem while trying toget windows to detect your SSD, for the first time. This is because Kinefinity cameras format the SSD in Linux system, which Windows cannot read.

    One solution is to install this free application: http://www.catacombae.org/hfsexplorer/

    Then you will need to execute it and go to File>Load System File from Device>Autodetect

    Next it will detect your SSD and you will select the folders where your files are and click “Extract”. You will now be prompted to choose the directory where you want it extracted and it will start extracting/converting your cinemadng files (if that’s the case) to Windows format.

    Voilá!.. After some time (extraction may take from minutes to hours) you will have your CinemaDNG files ready to be imported and worked at (or transcoded) in your favorite editing/compositing/color grading software.

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