Firmware Download: KineOS 3.2 (Latest: 27/11)

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    New firmware 3.2(1) for KineMini 4K released. Please be aware that you should couple this firmware with KineStation 0.7(1) and KineColor2 0.9


    KineOS 3.2(1)

    KineStation 0.7(2)

    KineColor2 0.9

    KineColor2 0.9 (DSLR look)

    KineOS 3.2 Details

    1. Native 3K 4:3 Anamorphic: Matches anamorphic lens to get super wide images:

  • Recording Resolution: 3K 4:3 2880×2160@30fps;

  • Aspect ratio of 4:3 matches anamorphic lens with factor of 2, so that it will gain CinemaScope frame as 8:3(2.66:1). With the process in post-workflow, it can reach up to 5760×2160 (6K) CinemaScope;
  • For monitoring when shooting at 4:3 with anamorphic lens, you can de-sqeeze the images into normal image by setting anamorphic lens factor in CONFIG menu.
  • [img]×576.jpg[/img]

    2.3K Recording and 3K Slow-Mo:For shooting at 3K resolution, it will gain much better 2K images with downconversion in post-workflow; and it can get an acceptable 4K images with upconversion in post-workflow too.

  • 3K HD:2880×1520@48fps;

  • 3K Wide:2880×1208@60fps;
  • Frame as M4/3 when 3K Recording.
  • [img]×576.jpg[/img]

    3. New full screen display with core parameters: Simpler, More efficient full screen display: not only for liveview but also for playback:

  • More Image shown on the display;

  • Display recording status, realtime timecode;
  • Display exposure parameter: Iris, shutter and ISO;
  • Notification and Warning.
  • 4. Improved notification and warning: cameraman will be easier to get the information of power supply voltage and SSD status.

  • Detect Power Supply Voltage, no matter Battery supply or AC-DC supply;

  • Detect SSD status;
  • Detect the temperature of Core Processing Circuit;
  • [img]×576.jpg[/img]

    5. Improvement: Algorithm of bad pixel removal and storage.

    Note: 3K 4:3 Anamorphic and 3K M4/3 Recording are included in 4K RAW Option.

    Stability of Firmware: KineStation 0.7 Details

    This update is biggest change since KineStation was launched: Multi-process, Debayer option and log.



    Add Debayer option: Can set Debayer Option when output Cineform RGB444.

  • Details: most details and sharper images;

  • Normal;
  • Smooth: Less digital style;
  • Note: Debayer settings is invalid to Cineform RAW as output, because debayer is used from RAW to RGB/YUV conversion.

    Support Multi-Process: Speed transcoding job greatly.

  • Default as 8 processes: means there is 8 clips to be transcoded at the same time if your workstation or laptop CPU as 4 cores 8 threads;

  • You can set more process, to exploit the workstation CPU power and threads.
  • Add log: Add transcoding log to record the status of every clip transcoding job.

    Batch Process: Transcoding till all clips are accessed, finished and reported, without interruption:

  • If one clip encounters issues or fails when transcoding, it will be reported in log list, and then transcode next clip;

  • If one clip is Cineform RAW mov, it will be copied into Target folder, then transcode next clip;
  • Strongly suggest browse the log list, after transcoding job is done.
  • Stability of this version:



Just wondering… You mentioned that the kineraw can be restored to cinemaDNG. How can I do that? I can seem to find any literature or kinestation settings for that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Wes, Another member contacted Kinefinity regarding this statement & they replied saying: “It will be implemented in the next version of KineStation”

So, it will come with KineStation v0.7 I assume. For the time being I will remove the bit about .KRW being able to revert back to CinemaDNG from the current details until this is properly implemented.



Hey guys

Does anyone have an active download link for KINEOS 3.2? All the links I have found don’t seem to have the firmware available, either they are expired links or simply empty folders.

Anyinfo would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.




I’ve the same problem. I can’t download the links.

Some help?

Thanks a lot!

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