Five specific questions before ordering my Terra4K!


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    Hi guys, first of all I’d like to say that I’m very thrilled about finding this community! I’m an indie filmmaker on a budget and after several months of heavy research I ended up going for the Terra 4K (My other 2 options were Sony A7s ii and Digital Bolex D16, but I think that T4K has a better organic cinema feel than the A7S ii and definitely much better specs than the D16)

    At first I was a little scared about making such investment on a new product but I have to say that your reviews, on field tests, opinions and comments helped me a lot with this decision (shout outs to Raafi Rivero, Gualbert Hernandez, Well Well and many many more) I just have five specific final questions about the Terra 4K before clicking the purchase button, and It would be awesome if you could share your thoughts!

    1. I’m seriously thinking between ordering the Basic package or just buying the body, the side grip and the EF-KineEnhancer adapter. Can you recommend any good quality monitor and 500GB SSD from other brand besides the Kinefinity ones? Im on a budget so I don’t know if the basic package is the best decision or maybe save some dollars by buying a 3rd party monitor and SSD

    2. Does the monitor lag is also present on the HD monitor output? Is this a firmware thing or a camera thing? Is there any important difference between using the KineMON or a 3rd party Monitor?

    3. Has it already been fixed the OLPF Red grid flares problem when pointing the camera to a light source? If not, How annoying is this for you?

    4. I just saw that the firmware update includes 4:3 Anamorphic. Do I need an anamorphic lens to use that format or I can use any EF?

    5. Do you have any email contact of a Kinefinity representative? I would like to contact these guys before making the purchase and decide whether to ship the product to my country or to the US

    Thanks for your time!




    – Philip Bloom claims to have had success with 3rd party SSDs – specifically the Samsung 860 Pros

    1. I don’t have experience with 3rd party monitors but Kinefinity themselves have made their monitors compatible with the new SmallHD models, so that may be a good place to start.

    2. The monitor lag is present via both HDMI and SDI outputs. To me this issue is slightly overblown but it does exist via both sources.

    3. The new cameras have fixed the OLPF issue. it is visible in very rare cases but the president of the company demonstrated the new OLPF to me with the flashlight on his own phone at NAB. I consider this issue to be fixed.

    4. You can shoot 4×3 with a spherical (i.e. non-anamorphic) lens if you prefer. I just worked on a shoot where that format was chosen. Ordinarily, of course, you’d simply use a 16×9 or 2.35:1 mode, but yes. It works.

    5. The email listed on their website is probably the best – There’s also a phone number listed and I’ve heard from people who say they’ve actually just called and were able to speak to someone with decent English. Bear in mind the time difference.



    I pulled the trigger and ordered just over a month ago but research and preparation continues 😉

    On SSDs, I was able to get two Samsung 860 evos at half price recently. in theory the write speed is only slightly less than the 860 pro.

    According to the list i found on this forum of shooting modes tested with the kinemax using an older Samsung ssd. the 860 evo should have plenty of write speed.. but i won’t know for sure until my camera arrives. Fingers crossed.

    In Philip Blooms review he emphasizes how much better the monitor lag is when the hd out is set to 60hz.

    I wonder how much better it really is and if that is where people are getting their bad impression? Raafi have you had the same experience with this?




    Thanks for your answer! I’m almost set for purchase, I guess the only thing I still haven’t figured out is what specific accessory is needed for attaching 3rd party Monitors to the top of the camera body, cause I didn’t find on the kinefinity store the KineMon Swivel Mount sold separately , the black metal piece that comes included with the KineMon.



    You can probably find something similar or better at



    EM, here’s my order:

    Terra 4K Body – $3999
    E Mounting Adapter – $499
    Side Grip – $499
    GripBAT 45WH for Side Grip (2X Batt and 1X Dual Charger) $199
    AC Adapter – $69

    Also requested the Kinemon MOUNT (not the Kinemon monitor, just the mount), as I can use with SmallHD Focus monitor.

    I recently purchased a SmallHD Focus monitor and the Samsung 860 PRO (purchased these items online, not with Kinefinity). SmallHD Focus can be used in direct daylight/ sunlight (unlike the Kinemon). Samsung 860 Pro is MUCH less than the Kinefinity alternative/ KineMag (so save that money)!!!!

    No need for the Kineback initially, but I may consider purchasing in the near future…….



    Thanks for your reply! Where can I find the Kinemon Mount? I’m looking for it in the website but I can’t find it. Can I plug the SmallHD Focus directly to the body with the HDMI ouput? Do you use a micro hdmi-to-hdmi cable?



    +1 on the SmallRig recommendation…



    EM, forgot to answer your other question. YES, you can plug the SmallHD Focus directly to the body of the Terra 4K (through HDMI input)!



    EM, the Kinemon Mount is NOT listed on the website. However, I requested and it shows on my order. It’s $49….Kinemon Mount



    I’d love to know how you get on with mounting the SmallHD Focus using the Kinemon Mount.
    I might end up doing the same when I order mine.
    That 800 nit brightness is so good for the price.


    Liam Leeson

    On SSDs, I was able to get two Samsung 860 evos at half price recently. in theory the write speed is only slightly less than the 860 pro

    I’d be interested to hear how you got on with the Samsung EVOs. Were they able to sustain the write speeds or is PRO the way to go?



    Another way to contact support is through the WeChat app. I have been able to find success through those means and luckily haven’t had any issues with the camera so there hasn’t been a need to reach out to them recently.

    WeChat ID is Kinefinity_Service

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