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    Hey everyone – I’ve been an owner of the Terra-4K since April 2018 and I simply love the camera and the images it produces. For short films and features that I have used it for, I have so far been using a tentacle for audio timecode.

    I’m currently considering the KineBack-W so I can start using the camera whenever I’m in a one-man-band situation, like an interview or corporate scenario (and they need a super-fast turnaround) or even to switch to full-blown timecode input for the films.

    So question is – anyone have any thoughts on the positives and negatives of the Kineback?



    Personally not had good experience with the Kineback-W

    The first two they sent me were faulty with bad sdi connectors. The support they offered made me a little sceptical about the quality control of this particular product.. I believe that this particular unit is built by Movcam. Just look at the facebook groups and you’ll see allot of people having issues with no sdi signal.

    Timecode port implementation is limited and must be fed via an external source like a tentacle sync or lockit box as it cannot be jammed/Locked from another device.

    It feels much bigger than it needs to be if you aren’t using the dark tower slot. Much prefer the kineback lite for this reason.

    I haven’t personally tested the xlr audio much but from what i understand there is no way to adjust the gain for each input. Also phantom power can only be enabled/disabled  for both. One of the European re sellers have done a hardware mod for one of their customers to enable switching phantom power on or off independently for each jack.

    Last time i looked a the KineAudio menu, the labels for the jacks were the wrong way around.. This may be fixed in the firmware now.

    After finally getting a working Kineback-W and having paid some extra shipping at my own expense, It’s the bit of kit i really should have skipped. I never use it and doubt i probably will. But good to have just in case, i suppose..


    Hope this helps!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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