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    Colin Young

    Hi, I’m aiming to order a Mavo LF soon, but I’m interested to know more about what EVFs people are using.  What is the performance of the KineEVF like?  Has anyone tried the Zacuto Kameleon? Any others?




    Gianfranco Gaioni

    Hi Colin,

    I’ve ordered the KineEVF 2 weeks ago, but I still haven’t got an ETA.
    I think nobody received it yet.
    I will let you know as soon as I got it 🙂



    @koba please share when the KineEVF gets in. I had the Zacuto Gratical. Really dug it but battery life was an issue. Looks like the Kameleon has better resolution so would like to try that one out as well


    Colin Young

    Thanks for your reply Gianfranco!  it’s much appreciated and I look forward to learning from your experience.


    Colin Young

    Many Thanks for weighing in Raaf!  I *really* liked your movie a whole lot man!  thanks for the work you and your team put in on it!  Also, thanks for all the BTS and other coverage, it is all very instructional for other filmmakers, certainly myself.  I also looked at some of the doc films you did and the Elegy/review of the Mavo LF. All very valuable and aspirational!  I look forward to more!

    Thanks again!


    Adam Werton

    You guys might like this one.


    Colin Young

    Thanks very much for that clip Adam!  It answered a bunch of questions I had about the EVF and raised some I never thought of, so that was quite helpful.  I’d still like to hear from third-party, hands-on users in real-world situations about it’s performance and features.  So far, from what I heard in the interview, it has:

    – A 1080p OLED screen

    – A passive cooling system

    – An aluminum chassis and glass elements

    – 3-stops of brightness control

    – low power consumption

    – A proximity sensor which turns off the OLED when not in use

    – Reduced software processing of the native signal for low-to-zero latency

    – Histogram and peaking overlays

    – A proprietary quick-release dovetail mount


    It kinda sounds like some features are still in development, which may be addressed by firmware updates. If I forgot or missed anything please feel free to mention!


    Gianfranco Gaioni

    Hi guys,

    I’ve finally received the Kine EVF yesterday. I’m very busy in these days and I haven’t deeply tested it yet, but I must say the design and the quality of the product is awesome. The display seems great too.

    I’ll send you an update as soon as possible.


    Martin Friedrich

    Thats great news Gianfranco,

    looking forward to your report on the evf. Does it do peaking in color or only in b/w like the kinemon?




    Colin Young

    Thanks Gianfranco,

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on it, and perhaps an in-depth review when you have the time.

    Much appreciated!


    Colin Young

    Found this:

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