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    I made a quick comparison of KineMini codecs: CinemaDNG, Cineform & KRW (new one – ratio 3:1) – all shot in 4K.

    Well, thats is a good news – you can shoot now Cineform in 4K. It was impossible in preview firmware. It started to record for 4 seconds and than stopped. EDIT – It’s not true. You can’t. You can shoot Cineform for 10 sec and than you get FLUSH instead of REC and it stops.

    CinemaDNG & KRW was transcoded to Cineform RAW by Kinestation.

    One frame of CinemaDNG is 13.3MB vs one frame of KRW – 3.8MB. Honestly I cannot see differences between these three codecs. Maybe you can when you add tones of effects. DNG will handle it better.

    I also checked new LUT’s – v.09 neutral & dslr. And I play with my settings.

    You can download RAW files:

    DNG –!s45QhQpC!HGEH_U3wKiHnbiWlPKBSGhKZslCOhQwNKhHVgooE2hI

    Cineform –!88YwHTAA!b2c-21rxgJyCa5YpEEnJpYSPqNBre0gBGyhAOfv7iv0

    KRW –!t1oDHCQQ!oIsN3mk6kUeYxN809hj_jhHGi5Zh2kczMhAiiEmNllM

    KRW transcoded to Cineform –!osBiARTZ!c3xwv7p6zUr7uvsewujnoG3SxhCNnM4deFMbxPGk6NI



    That is great, thanks FilmCyfrowy! 4k cineform is also good news! Are you applying the LUTs via Speedgrade?



    No, I work with DaVinci Resolve and Adobe Premiere. In this case I transcoded all footage to Cineform and imported it to Premiere (applied LUT by Lumetri Effect). I don’t use Speedgrade. Does Filmconvert work in Speedgrade?



    I don’t believe so. I am just aware that grading KineMINI footage in Resolve can be quite a pain at the minute due to having to apply two LUTs and the way Resolve handles LUTs is quite unintuitive. I believe they are (kinefinity & blackmagic) both working on a solution for it though no official word on that.

    In the case of the codecs though, they all look great. As you said, the DNGs will always handle heavier effects etc, but they will all hold up very well in general.

    Can you do both cineform UHD & full 4K now internally?



    You’re right – DaVinci & KineMini LUT’ are pain.

    Sorry, I checked it again and you can shoot Cineform RAW in 4K for aprox. 10 sec. 🙁

    Than you get FLUSH instead of REC and it stops. It’s a shame 🙁


    Looks like Kinefinity couldn’t handle to make camera shoot 4K in Cineform and they added KRW. That’s make sense.


    George A.

    Yeah 4K Cineform would be great. But as it is software encoding I don’t think the processor can keep up. The KineMax should be able to handle it either by heftier processor or more cooling and over clocking.

    Thanks for the share. Your stuff is really good and helps the community.



    In my test, 9s@25fps 4k DCI cineform then FLUSH and recording stopped. I DID got 9 seconds usable 4K cineform footage.



    According to the report that newsshooter did at the BIRTV, its not the camera that can’t handle the Cineform 4K its the Cineform codec that is not advanced enough to handle it yet…

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