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    Lawrence Martinez

    Hey Kinecommunity,

    I love these cameras but having a really hard time with Kine costumer service. I had an accident on a shoot and had to get my sensor replaced on Terra 4k. Since the camera has been returned with new sensor installed I am having a lot more noise issues and what appears to be data lines in the darker areas of my frame when shooting in lowlight. I haven’t heard back from kinefinity so I figured I would reach out here to see if anyone is dealing with this issue shooting high FPS in lowlight? This test footage was shot with s16 crop 240fps at 3200. Here is the link…https://vimeo.com/352957595

    It is easiest to see the lines on the original file..download link here…https://vimeo.com/user94795314/download/352957595/126e64c0bc

    any help or insight would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!




    Hi Lawrence, have you reached out to OriginCine in Burbank? They’re the US service center. I will say that there is FPN at higher ISOs especially at an s16 crop where you’re essentially enlarging the size of the noise. Can’t tell if what you’re experiencing is an actual problem with the camera or an inherent limitation of it.


    Lawrence Martinez

    I reached out to OriginCine and am waiting for a response. Appreciate the insight. Thanks Raafi!



    Hey Lawrence did you ever get to the bottom of this? I had the same issue…240fps / S16 crop / 800 iso…tonne of noise and sensor lines

    I understand using s16 crop will magnify any noise / sensor lines but not as much as i saw on the image…Not complaining, the other footage blows me away, will post some soon..

    Having looked into it more i think it may be a more generic case of just letting more light in so when the shadows are being¬† dropped, rather than lifted in post, that doesnt boost noise…and changing the ISO highlight settings to not burn out the highlights..

    Anyhow ho[e you got it sorted!


    Jerome GafpaGear

    Hey just checking in here ( alittle late) FOR SCANNING lines I advice to do a blackbalance, most of the lines will dissapear, if not, your sensor might need a recalibration. If you ever run into thes issues report them in our Kinefinity camera service fb, with  a little downloadable clip and a slate file and we will check if its normal or if it needs a fix.


    Lawrence Martinez

    Hey Arlen,

    My camera ended up having to be replaced. It was a big process but eventually they switched it and new one isn’t having the same issues. Hope this helps!


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