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    Hi all

    I’m trying to work out the most affordable way to get a Mavo / LF, and this seems to be by buying the body alone, rather than in one of the bundles that ProAV offer.

    If I choose to not get the Kineback (initially anyway) what’s the audio quality like using a Rodelink lav system (or similar), straight into the 3.5mm port? I’m presuming it must be at least as good as my Sony A7S2, which is nice and clean.

    ps I’ll probably have many more questions before I decided to sell the trusty Sony FS7 to fund my Mavo!




    Hi Daniel – I haven’t tried audio straight into the 3.5mm jack yet. Will let you know if I can test that. It’s funny, I have the KineBack, but more than half the time I end up going with dual-system audio and syncing the footage in post. Would probably save time to go into the camera but I’m always trying to have less wires going into the body.



    Nice one Raafi. I could see myself doing the same thing and having the Kineback just gathering dust on a shelf, particularly if the audio into 3.5mm is decent enough quality for interviews and basic ambience audio.

    I see myself keeping a small compact setup of camera, handgrip and Small HD Focus, much more like my A7S2 set up than my Sony FS7. I’m tired of big cameras now!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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