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    Thisara Pinto

    Hi guys I have a few questions about ordering a Mavo LF. We are an indie film company based in Portland, Oregon – USA and we do want to use the camera as our main if it gets delivered on time.

    1. Has anyone here ordered one directly from Kinefinity in China (since we don’t have dealers here) or have you guys gone through a reseller from other countries?

    2. I have read that in some instances people have had to wait months for the camera and that the backorder date isn’t accurate (these posts were from last year) Is this true today as well? We need to know as it may hinder our production.

    3. Shipping: Is it safe to get it through the mail? $17k is not a small chunk of change so I’m wondering if it’s the norm.p







    Hi Thisara,

    I ordered my Terra directly from their website and payed with PayPal. There’s also Origin Cine in Burbank, CA which should have the cameras now –

    I would try to ring Kinefinity via the number on their website (China hours are almost backwards to US hours) to check on shipping times, or give Origin a call.

    I’ve received both of my cameras and the lenses, etc. in the mail. It is a lot of money, but, yes, it is safe. good luck!




    Hi Thisara,


    1) I have ordered directly from Kinefinity. Both times had a good experience, but I live in Hong Kong so it may not be apples to apples since you are looking for someone back in the mainland to share his/her experience. They used SF Express which is the “equivalent” of DHL. But no idea which courier they would use to ship to the US.

    2) The lead time for my Terra 4K was 8 weeks back in Dec 2017 – Jan 2018. But for my Mavo LF it was exactly 6 weeks (April 2019). I would recommend you to shoot them a note and ask for a reliable guesstimate in terms of lead time explaining them your situation.

    3) As I mentioned before, they used SF Express for both my deliveries. Since you mentioned $17K I am assuming you are ordering the whole package with all blow and whistles. I think they ship the camera inside the hard case that comes with that kit but you may ask them directly and explain your concerns.

    In summary, I have had good experience with KineTeam so far and they seem to try to respond as soon as they can. I’m sure others will jump in sharing their experiences with the company. Cheers!


    Thisara Pinto

    Thanks guys! Really appreciate the help! I just put the order in this morning. 🙂

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