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    I know this topic has raised previously without a resolution, but I am really stuck on this one. I have a Tentacle Sync E set that I am wanting to use with my MAVO LF with Kineback W for external audio. I am connecting the Sync E via the 5-pin TC port as a Slave to the first Sync E connected to a Zoom F6. The Zoom is now running timecode off the Sync E, but I can’t get the LF external timecode to work. In Menu/Settings I have turned Timecode to External but no love, and out of frustration have tried Rec Run TC setting, and connecting via the 1/8″ microphone port, also nothing.

    Anyone successfully run a Sync E with a Kine cam? Would love some input on this. I need my mind back, my life back, and these tiny little black boxes have taken over my existence.

    Stay safe. Love



    Hi Justin – thanks for turning this frustration into such quality humor. I have yet to use one  of these, so nothing to report that might help you. I know a sound person used Tentacle Sync on a project I worked on that shot with a Kine camera… but I can’t remember which camera, whether it was my own shoot or someone else’s… basically I’m useless here. But I did get a laugh out of your post, so there’s that.



    Thanks Raafi, the world is full of mystery, but it seems there is now one less (well sort of). I have managed to get this to work, although I think it is a little workaround, but all synced in Tentacle Sync Studio perfectly and appears good. I’ll lay it for posterity:

    I ended up jamming the first Sync E to the cameras timecode and setting this unit as the Master. The MAVO LF manual says it can’t jam timecode, and all instructions from Tentacle state that the audio recorder should be set to Master, and the camera to Slave. So MAVO Sync E set to Master, I turned the second Sync E on and connected to the F6, then hit SYNC in the Tentacle app. Frustratingly this reverted the Master and Slave TC to Tentacles TC (which is calculated from my iPhone time), meaning my MAVO again was out of sync (but the 2 Sync E’s were synced together). So went through this setup again, but DID NOT press SYNC in the app. After a few seconds, the 2 Sync E automatically synced to the Master Sync E (which was jammed to the MAVO). Did some tests, and everything was perfectly synced in Tentacle Sync Studio.

    The universe provides.

    Sorry for the detail, but I did find this frustrating and couldn’t locate any information on Tentacle to Kinefinity setup. Hope this can help any others in the future.


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