Terra 4K to Mavo LF Trade-In

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    Hi Raafi! Sorry for me being so lazy and posting a Forum Topic instead of a Private Message but thinking in case others could benefit from the topic…

    Let’s say I’m an old Engineer with enough cash for a hobby (midlife crisis hits me by buying hi-tech toys instead of that nice Porche! Haha ha!). Would you say, based on what you know about the T4K and the Mavo LF, would be a nice thing to do? I meant the trade-in… Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Year!!!






    I’m in the same boat and having the similar thoughts.

    I’ve only had the Terra 4K for a few months now and am thinking of trading up..

    As rental is nonexistent where i live. I looked at the Terra 4k as a relatively low cost trial to see if i actually liked theses cameras in use.

    Now that i know i really do like them and the trade in is not a bad deal, i’m thinking of committing to the big spend on the LF.

    But being as the Terra is so excellent it’s hard to justify the difference in price. How much better is it in practice?

    So tempted and torn.





    I know the feeling… in my case I have had the T4K for a year now and have used it for family and friends stuff which they find it very cool to have the memories filmed in a format that resembles a “little movie” lol! I have enjoyed the T4K very much and still think is more than what I need but the Engineer/Hobbyist in me is torturing me with the thought of having the full experience, and since I have no kids and no habits to maintain other than personal hobbies I’m really thinking about the jump. Besides, the offer will be valid for 5 months (Jan-May) this year so might as well take it… I can also keep all the other accessories including lenses as the LF if fully compatible with the T4K… Hmmm… Tough decisions huh? LOL!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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