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    Hi guys, I placed an order for a complete Terra 4k kit. As a mainly wildlife filmaker I am particulary concerned about boot-up time. Can someone kindly measure how long pass from turning on the camera to first usable frame? Or, there is a stand-by status (as i.e. leaving it inactive for some time), from wich can be faster to wake up the camera?

    And, has somebody tested the Canon 100-400 L IS USM II on Kinemount EF?

    Thank you in advance



    looking more closely, The side grip does have a unique sleep button function..

    I chose not to order the side grip as i’m looking to keep the camera as light and compact as possible.

    I really wish that button was also on the body or or a single push of the power button put it into a low power sleep mode.

    Is anyone able to say if it works this way?


    Taylor Morgan

    From my experience, the Terra boots up in anywhere from 20-25 seconds. Using the sleep mode does not change this boot time very much – I’ve found waking from sleep mode still takes a good 15-20 seconds for the camera to be ready. Hope this helps.



    In this video he times the bootup at 25 seconds. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYeMk6w4kcU

    When talking about the Kinegrip side handle, he mentions that it has a easily accessible sleep button..

    I’m assuming this is just a duplicate of the power button on the main body but could be wrong.

    I’ve not seen or heard anyone else mention a sleep function for quickly waking the camera from a low power mode. I wish i could answer this from first hand experience..



    Thank you Taylor.

    It seems that for my pourposes the time to wait for the camera booting up is too much. It’s really a pity because all the other specifics looks tremendous. Even the crop factor that could be disappointing in many situations turn to be very useful in wildlife, but waiting for the camera being usable when a one-off event is right in front of you is something I can’t face with.

    I will be carefully paying attention to any future firmware/model by Kine.



    The sleep button on the KineGRIP does put the camera in a “low power mode” that allows it to boot up quickly. Are you still interested in purchasing the camera? Or is it too late now?

    I am working on a series of videos that answers a lot of the questions that are out there and this is one of them. Please let me know and I can post times on here when I have them.

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