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    Terra 4k

    Hey Fellow KINEcommunity,

    I finally got around to post my Terra 4k package for sale. I’m going to post it here and on the Facebook user group (Not the Facebook Service Page) for about a week to see if any members want to purchase the Kit here’s the details:

    Here what I will include in the package my original order was the Terra Basic Package which included;

    Terra 4k Body
    KineMon 5” FullHD Monitor
    2 GripBAT (45Wh Batteries)
    1 KineMAG 500GB (SSD)
    Kine D-TAP Adapter
    Kine AC AC Adapter
    Dual Battery Charger

    I’m also including

    KIneKIT-TERRA With Shoulder PACK ($699 Value)
    EF Mounting Adapter II w/KineEnhancer ($699 Value)
    KineMON Sunhood ($39 Value)
    Extra .35 Kine Video Cord ($115 Value)
    Extra Top Plate ($85 Value)
    Coldshoe Mount ($45 Value)

    Everything is in good to excellent shape except the Rods from the KineKit they have a few scratches I brought it from NAB 2018. The camera has only about 18 hours of actual recording time and the majority was shooting test shots I used it on two actual productions I haven’t had any issues with the camera at all I would go out and shot test footage after each firmware update. It was manufactured 1/2018 and I received it around February 16th 2018. It has the ribbon cable for the original KineBACK but  it can be sent back and updated in you want to add the KineBACK-W I was quoted $500 USD plus shipping. I’m going to let the package go at an even $4k plus shipping.   I’m selling it for the price of the Terra 4k body only s[gallery ids="5358,5359,5360,5362,5363,5364,5365,5366"]o you save about $3,182 dollar for a 18 month old barely used camera. I’m located in the states Wichita, Kansas thus the reason for selling no projects! coming from Japan for 6 years where I did freelance DIT and editing the drop in projects is killing me.  I teach Media arts at the middle school level and I have access to four Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 4k Camera which over kill for this market. So rather then have this great camera just sitting in a case. If I was still in Japan I would keep the camera but having a autistic son in Japan is not idea plus my hometown Wichita has one of the top schools for autism development.



    sent a PM – very interested!



    Oh and I also have the EF Mounting Adapter II also forgot to put that in the post






Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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