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    I have a white pixel appear in a few random frames. I don’t know if it is something with the new firmware or the new KRW codec. I only had the camera running for a few minutes – maybe it wasn’t warmed up? Here’s a link to a few frames. It appears like they happen in the same spot.



    Anybody have any ideas? I can’t have this happening. I will do some more tests with Cineform and DNG to see if it appears.


    Arooj Azam

    Hi Harrison

    Thank you for sharing those images. I remember I had a similar problem when I first started using the camera. However I didn’t really get to see the problem after that.

    On further inspection of your images it does not seem like a dead pixel phenomena. Mine was related to dead pixels not being properly mapped and was addressed by kinefinity in subsequent firmwares.

    Try taking an image with a lens cap and see if you still get to see that bright spot. It seems like dust on your sensor filter which might be getting refracted by light, that’s just my take on it for the time being. The white dot in your image is much bigger than a pixel and therefore not related to dead pixels in my opinion.

    You can also try looking at your sensor filter using a sensor loupe with magnification to see if it has any dust or any other Gunk lying on the sensor




    I once had troubles using my camera and I contacted them directly. They answered very quickly and helped me to solve the problem.

    I had white lines of pixel, it was due to a bad KineMag SSD.

    I changed the SSD and everything was fine.

    Try to contact them through the official website.





    Thanks guys. After looking at it more closely I did notice that it wasn’t a pixel. I’ll check for dust. Could it be a plane? There are a lot that fly around my apartment – I just wouldn’t expect to see them flash white.

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