Kinomad Land, this 4WD of the 7th art, go through and off the roads around the world showing movies.
  • director: Roberto Lugones
  • dp: Roberto Lugones
  • editor: Roberto Lugones
  • camera: KineMini 4k

The Caecus

Hey everyone - here's an entry into the My RODE Reel competition. Shot with the Kinefinity Terra 4K @ 23.976 FPS (other than the slow-motion at the end - shot at 48fps) 99% of the shots were photographed with the Russian Helios 58mm M42 Lens/With EF adaptor. The camera also used the KineEnhancer EF, which is the only lens mount I own for it. The other shot - the dark wide shot with the flaming bottle to the far right, was shot using a 28mm Helios (the fake one from Japan) Graded/Adjusted using mostly the KineNeutral LUT/ Enhanced contrast/Colours in DaVinci resolve. Daylight setting was the 5200K preset and the night settings I switched to 3200 and left the LED's on their daylight setting for that sense of 'blue' darkness. Hope you enjoy ;)
  • director: Nicholas Winter
  • dp: Nicholas Winter
  • editor: Nicholas Winter
  • camera: Terra4k


Official launch film for the Kinefinity Mavo LF. Finally :)
  • director: Raafi Rivero
  • dp: Yusuke Naito
  • editor: Sara Talbot
  • camera: Mavo LF

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