Magpie - a short action film with no dialogue. Shot over an evening using the terra 4k. My first full day of shooting with it. Enjoy!
  • director: Nicholas Winter
  • dp: Nicholas Winter
  • editor: Nicholas Winter
  • camera: Terra4k

ZULU – Hidden People

Completly shot on the Kinemini 4K in anamorphic mode. Used a Kowa B&H projector lens and Contax Zeiss as taking lenses. Shot in Ireland
  • director: Lukas Kunzmann
  • dp: same
  • camera: KineMini 4k

a super basic quick test

There are two different lighting conditions - in the first few scenes, there is a single Manda el-600 LED light (60watt) with a JinBei 65cm folding Spherical diffuser (a 'China Ball'). In the last few 'bathtub' scenes, the china ball is removed, and a gridded snoot is used. There is some dust/mist (Atmosphere Aerosol). Shot with KineHancer
  • director: Dave Chin
  • camera: Terra6k


43.60 stands for 43 films of 60 seconds each. One of a series of test films using the Terra 6k
  • director: Loic Zimmermann
  • camera: Terra6k

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