Time’s up – EstherVallee

Slow mo - 3k 195fps, Real-time UHD FF 25fps. Shot on Mavo Primes Listen to Time's Up: https://EstherVallee.lnk.to/TimesUp Time’s Up is a direct homage to the Time’s Up and Metoo movements. This title track is about an self-perceived experience that affected Esther and made her stop trusting people close to her in the music industry for some time. The EP "Time's Up" is released the 10th of april 2020 at Razzia/Sony Music Sweden
  • director: Teodoro Johansson Beascoechea & Noah Sebnat
  • dp: Benjamin Cotton
  • editor: Teodoro Johansson Beascoechea
  • camera: Mavo LF

Integrity in Motion – Clinton Guest

Terra 4K w/ 35mm Vista Prime in custom water housing.
  • director: Luke Bickley
  • dp: Luke Bickley
  • camera: Terra4k

New Waves

Finally got around to editing the first footage I shot on my Terra. Shot in Devon, south of the UK. Got lucky with a nice wave and light day! Wrote the music for the edit as well. Hope you enjoy it...
  • director: Arlen Figgis
  • dp: Arlen Figgis
  • editor: Arlen Figgis
  • camera: Terra4k


Kinomad Land, this 4WD of the 7th art, go through and off the roads around the world showing movies.
  • director: Roberto Lugones
  • dp: Roberto Lugones
  • editor: Roberto Lugones
  • camera: KineMini 4k

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